Gun Camera 720p Hd Killcam Overlay

gun camera 720p hd killcam overlay


Gun Camera 720p Hd Killcam Overlay >>


















































Supporting full hd would took the devs ZERO hours, its something you can do in a lunch break while you eat. Clearly we CAN be choosers, at the end of the day, were still buyers. Something tells me they plain dont like the PC, see it as a chore and just punch out a minimum-effort project on principle, even to a point that it doesnt make sense (going through all the hoops of getting it to work *at all*, then skipping an additional week of polish that could add a gazillion levels of features and polish that could turn it into an actually great release). But when Capcom looked at how badly it failed, their response was basically to say OK, this time were doing it right, and were doing it in-house. Same with the dragon fire on the bridge. Its easy to create an unofficial fix that works most of the time. I pre-ordered Darksiders 2, because I had good expectations on how it would run. Theyre barely more complex than any ten seconds of the very first Super Mario Galaxy level.


oh well. 25/08/2012 at 16:00 stupidmcgee says: Think about what you wrote a little bit more. Especially when From Software HAS released PC titles in the past. Mystery solved. If they lack the ingenuity or dedication to pay some bloke who can do it 200 to add it in then I really cant help but be a bit scornful. I mean, sure, those are nice to have, but I dont buy games to have lots of menu options, I buy games to play the game. For a PC port that took hardly any development resources selling around 100k copies (and probably much more over the next year) should guarantee that we see the next Souls series title on PC. So you didnt write what you meant, apparently. I cant tell if youre serious or not& you are a parody of yourself I believe.


Also, pvp balance. Ive also beaten Sens Fortress. 25/08/2012 at 15:13 Sparkasaurusmex says: Yeah, Skyrim is cool enough, but that is exactly the metaphor I would use, since its difficult to pinpoint the flaw& Sometimes I want to call it empty& but Skyrim isnt empty, playing it just creates an empty-like feeling. Not that they couldnt. Testing, fixing and assuming responsibility for that same feature involves a lot more time and money. Basically the only games on PS3/360 that render at 1080p are games with relatively simple graphics, or 2D games, the consoles just dont have the GPU horsepower to do the big AAA titles in that res. Simply signing a petition doesnt make you a customer. Oh no! Pinterest doesn't work unless you turn on JavaScript. Also explain to me how the amount of assets or the size of the codebase affect the small section of simple code that sets up the rendering surface in the same resolution as the screen? Its actually more effort to render to a seperate fixed sized surface than just setup a regular flipping chain automatically when you create your rendering surface. bb4f9be48f

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